Cognac grande champagne

Our History

Founded in 1867 by Louis Grimaud, the vineyard was only composed at the beginning of few acres situated in Segonzac, in the most prestigious Cognac region, the Grande Champagne.

But a few years later, the domain like all the cognac region is ravaged by the phylloxera. It needed numerous years to Louis Grimaud to reconstruct his vineyard. His son in law, Pierre Thorin, helped him to.

The domain will take back its development only in the installation of André, Pierre’s grandson. After a few years, he installed his first still and enlarged the domain.

In 1988, his son Claude settled down took over the property to continue its development. He decided in the 90s to begin the sale in bottles and created in tribute to his ancestor the brand Louis Grimaud.

Today, our Cognacs come only from our vineyard and allow us to offer the best of Grande Champagne Cognacs.